Michael has been doing hearing science research since 1998 and has written numerous publications and made conference presentations on auditory physiology and perception.

Recent News:

Michael co-authors journal article on “hidden hearing loss”

PLOS ONE published the findings (full text available, open access) Additional Press: Scientific American, Medical Daily, Science Daily, Neuroscience News, Pubniche, EurekAlert, Agein, Psypost, Ooyuz, Audiology World News, The Herald (UK), Express (UK), Hearing Like Me, The Doctor Will See You Now From the Mass Eye and Ear press release: In a study of young adults who may regularly overexpose their ears to loud sounds, a research team led by St├ęphane Maison, Ph.D, showed a significant correlation between performance on a speech-in-noise test and an electrophysiological measure of the health of the auditory nerve.